The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.



You will notice the beneficial effect of the use vitamin C serum on your skin after a few weeks of regular use. The skin will become visibly smoother and radiant. It is an effective way to remove discoloration, wrinkles, enlarged pores and scars. Serum with vitamin C is worth including in the daily care of both oily and acne skin, as well as dry and mature. If you care about maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance, regardless of your age, be sure to reach for this cosmetic. Best Vitamin C serum in combination with a cream with a high filter is the basis of anti-aging care. It’s worth starting every day with it!

Use Vitamin C to Brightens and illuminates the skin

Vitamin C helps to deal with discolorations that arise as a result of inflammation, excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes, acne or the aging process. Provides the skin with the glow effect, i.e. illumination and vitality. It makes gray, tired skin with an earthy shade regain a healthy, fresh look. Scientific research proves that vitamin C applied to the skin can inhibit the production of melanin, thanks to which its use is highly recommended in the case of hyperpigmentation or chloasma.

It reduces redness and improves color

Vitamin C, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, soothes any redness and irritation. It has a soothing effect on overactive skin. It makes flushed, inflamed skin regain its uniform color and copes better with irritating external factors, such as difficult weather conditions or air conditioning.

It stimulates the production of collagen

Collagen is the most important structural protein of connective tissue. It is responsible for the proper tension and elasticity of the skin. It constitutes 30% of all human proteins. The amount of collagen in the skin decreases with age, which leads to its flaccidity and loss of face oval. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen. Applied externally to the skin in the form of a serum, it stimulates its synthesis. It is an effective weapon in the fight against the loss of skin elasticity and unity.

Protects the skin against free radicals

Free radicals are atoms that are missing one electron. They are characterized by high instability. They strive to obtain the missing electron, which they take from the nearest environment. When the skin is attacked by free radicals as a result of overexposure to UV radiation or environmental pollution, it is damaged. It becomes limp and wrinkled. As scientific research shows, skin damaged by free radicals contains less vitamin C than healthy skin, characterized by adequate firmness and elasticity.

The application of vitamin C serum supports antioxidant protection. Effectively neutralizes free radicals, thanks to which it protects against damage to collagen and elastin fibers.

Reduces irritation caused by sun exposure

Vitamin C applied to the skin in combination with vitamin E soothes sunburned skin. It makes the inflammation subside faster. The regeneration process is also accelerated. Vitamin C stimulates cell renewal. The use of serum with vitamin C in combination with vitamin E is a must have for summer skin care during the holidays, when we are more exposed to excessive exposure to UV radiation.

Accelerates the healing of minor wounds and scratches

Daily use of serum with vitamin C is especially recommended in the case of acne skin, which is accompanied by numerous inflammations, irritations, redness and minor wounds. Vitamin C, through its anti-inflammatory effect and stimulating collagen production, accelerates regenerative processes, thanks to which the skin heals faster, and the risk of unsightly discolorations and scars is minimized.

Fights dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

A serum with vitamin C can be helpful in the case of dark circles and bags under the eyes. It stimulates the production of collagen, contributing to the improvement of the unity and elasticity of the skin. In addition, it strengthens and seals fragile blood vessels. Thanks to the regular use of vitamin C serum, the skin becomes better tense, more moisturized, and dark circles and swelling are reduced. Vitamin C has a brightening effect, thanks to which the eye area regains a healthy, rested look.

It has a moisturizing effect

Scientific research confirms that vitamin C in the form of magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate reduces Tran’s epidermal moisture loss (TEWL). The application of an antioxidant serum with vitamin C allowed to reduce TEWL by as much as 19%

Reduces the visibility of scars

Thanks to the regular use of the serum with vitamin C, scars become even and less visible. The skin regains its smoothness and a more uniform shade. Scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of vitamin C in the case of postoperative scars. Serum with vitamin C is also worth using in the case of changes caused by acne.

It can be used for most skin types

Best Vitamin C serum in Pakistan can be used for a longer period of time without side effects. Vitamin C is well tolerated by most skin types when its concentration in the cosmetic does not exceed 20%.


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