The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.



For years, there has been the topic that sun exposure and the use of serums with Vitamin C were incompatible. It was believed that it caused the appearance of spots, and even that there could be a photosensitization of the area, which would cause irritation and redness.

There is no problem in using Vitamin C in summer with sun exposure, as long as we use an SPF>50 photo protector in the morning before exposing ourselves to the sun. Actually, we should do this daily, whatever Serum we apply. At present, it has been shown that Vitamin C enhances the photo protective action, thanks to its great antioxidant activity, and prevents the development of spots on the skin. If we are going to be exposed to the sun a lot, it is advisable to use it at night, after said exposure, since it will help us to repair the possible damage that we have caused to the skin due to solar radiation. Furthermore, Vitamin C is very unstable and easily oxidizes in the sun, and although it would not cause photosensitization in the skin, it would lose much of its effectiveness.

Today we know that this vitamin not only does not cause spots, but also helps to treat and reduce them, unifying the skin tone. Also, we often hear that Vitamin C “dirties” the pores or even the clothes. This is true if you have been using a formula with Vitamin C for a long time, especially on skin with open pores. It is possible that in this case, the pores may look darker due to the oxidation of this vitamin, which is so unstable. So that this does not happen so frequently, it is very important to exfoliate the skin one day a week, to clean the pores and thus avoid darkening. 

Is any Vitamin C Okay?

In addition, before deciding which Vitamin C Serum we are going to apply, it is important that we take a good look at its composition, since we must always use a serum that contains pure Vitamin C, in its active form, which is, L-ascorbic acid, at an acidic pH, and at an ideal concentration to achieve its multiple benefits. Experts say that the ideal percentage for a serum to be truly effective is between 10-20% ascorbic acid. Although it is true that for sensitive skin, perhaps a concentration of 15-20% could lead to irritation, so a concentration of 10% would be enough to greatly benefit from the benefits of Best Vitamin C Serum Pakistan.


In addition, in high-end cosmetics, we find that Vitamin C is often formulated with other compounds, with which they make a perfect synergy, such as hyaluronic acid, which, as it is not an acid as such and is not irritating, is the ideal combination to further enhance the firming and anti-aging action that both active ingredients already have separately. We have to pay special attention to anti-spot or anti-aging Serums, which contain Vitamin C together with alpha hydroxy acids such as retinoic, glycolic, etc., since, despite the fact that they are currently the most demanded and effective components to treat spots and wrinkles, if found in a high concentration, can cause skin irritation, especially sensitive ones. For this reason, it is recommended to apply the Timeless Vitamin C serums in the morning, and at night. Or, alternate one day one, and another day another. If we are going to expose ourselves a lot to solar radiation,

Main benefits

If you have very visible spots, choose to combine this Timeless Vitamin C Serum in the morning, and at night. You will appreciate the results much sooner! If you have sensitive skin, or are not used to retinol or derivatives, it is better to alternate one product with another on different days.

We conclude by highlighting the benefits of Vitamin C, which in addition to being depigmenting, since it inhibits the Tyrosinase enzyme (responsible for the production of melanin), and a powerful antioxidant, capable of fighting free radicals, especially those generated by sun exposure. , also has a great capacity for collagen formation and provides luminosity to the skin. Thanks to the fact that it helps to close dilated pores, it makes it a good ally for acne-prone skin. So Best vitamin C Serum is ideal for all skin types.


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