How can Vitamin C Serum Helps Manage Skin Health

The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.

How can Vitamin C Serum Helps Manage Skin Health

Skin care vitamin C serum

One can’t agree less with the fact that the world has been gradually becoming more and more passionate about “Skin Health”. Skin health refers to the integrity, stability, and appearance of the skin.
It was general priority of most of the people to focus on improved skin health, which led them towards the concept of “skincare”. Skin care includes any practice which is aimed to relieve skin conditions, support the health of your skin and beautify its appearance.
Vitamin C is a proven ingredient to address and rectify a range of different skin problems. So, if you are all set to adopt healthy habits for your skin, a nice vitamin C serum will do.

Following are some major perks of using vitamin C serum


Hydration is an important determinant of skin health. Adequate hydration ensures the maintenance of skin’s elasticity and freshness. It leads to reduced wrinkles and scars, and a slower aging process. See, how precious this water is! 
Having the best vitamin C serum in your skincare routine will control the transepidermal water loss from the skin and will provide it with enough hydration. Controlled water loss locks the moisture within the skin, leaving it supple and bright. 
If you want to hydrate your skin with a boast, go for vitamin C plus hyaluronic acid serum. Hyaluronic acid is a proven humectant helping skin hold water in its outer layers. Purchasing a serum containing both the ingredients will be a bonus.

timeless vitamin C serum 

Acts as an anti-oxidant

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner once stated that “Vitamin C is perhaps the most potent topical antioxidant we have.” 
Antioxidant refers to a material that fights harmful free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for oxidative damage in the human skin causing reduced collagen production. It can lead to saggy or wrinkled skin.
Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that compensates for any harm that free radicals cause. You can use an even more potent combination of ferulic acid with vitamin C, both packed in serum, to give you a dewy glow.

Enhanced collagen production

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that serves as a major component of your skin. It is responsible for the strength, hydration, and elasticity of the skin. As your body ages, it becomes difficult for it to produce enough collagen.
Using the best vitamin C serum, not only enhance collagen production in the skin but also; preserves the existing one. It leaves you with a low chance of having wrinkles, dark spots, or saggy skin.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C reduces inflammation by preventing oxidative damage to the skin from free radicals. Hence, it serves as a compelling anti-inflammatory agent.
Its anti-inflammatory effects aid in suppressing sebum production in the skin. Controlled oil or sebum helps prevent acne, thus making vitamin C effective for acne-prone skin.

Controlled melanin production

Melanin is a substance found in the human body which serves as the reason for skin color. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are the results of excessive melanin in the skin. 
Products containing vitamin C cause the melanin-induced spots and pigmentation to fade and you’ll end up with happier skin.
A study proved that using a serum with ferulic acid, vitamin C and Deschampsia Antarctica repressed dark spots and oxidative stress in women living in urban areas.

Reduced Redness

The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin c serum Pakistan make it helpful to wipe out unwanted redness off your face. 
Getting rid of those unnecessary spots, redness, and dullness will let you have an even tone skin with a fresher appearance.

vitamin C serum 

Picking up the right product

Choosing a new ingredient for your skincare game doesn’t promise improvement in your skin health. Instead, it’s just one of the steps required. 
Once you have decided to add a timeless vitamin C serum into your skincare regime, next you have to pick up a product that works best for you.

  • Look for the L-ascorbic form as it gives maximum penetration.
  • Choose a serum with vitamin C concentration ranging from 10% to 20%.
  • Opt for a serum with a pH of 3.5 to allow optimal absorption.
  • However, go for a bit less acidic blend if you have a sensitive skin
  • Look for smarter combos to get the most out of the serum. Vitamin C works best with vitamin E, vitamin B, Ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid.
  • Last but not least, purchase a serum that is in a tinted glass bottle with a proper applicator.

The Right Sequence

Once you’ve washed your face with a gentle cleanser and are done applying your favorite toner, all you have to do is gently press a few drops of serum onto your face.
 Moisturize your skin and don’t forget your SPF.

Once you end up finding the best vitamin C serum for you, you are going to have healthier skin with that dewy glow, you’ve always wished for.


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