Vitamin C serum – frequently asked questions

The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.

Vitamin C serum – frequently asked questions

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, otherwise known as the vitamin of youth, is the most effective and researched cosmetic ingredient. Thanks to the wide application of the serum with vitamin C, we can reach for it at any age. What are the effects of vitamin C in cosmetics and which product will be the best? We answer these and other questions about how vitamin C works and when we can safely use it in the following post.

What is the effect of the vitamin C serum?

It is the strongest antioxidant, thanks to which it neutralizes free radicals, preventing skin aging processes.

It stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and reduces its degradation, i.e. disintegration.

It has a brightening effect and prevents the formation of new discolorations, thanks to the ability to inhibit Tyrosinase – an enzyme that affects the melanogenesis process, i.e. the formation of discolorations.

Can the vitamin C serum be used in spring and summer without worrying about discoloration?

The most common myth about vitamin C concerns its negative effects when used in the summer. Nothing could be more wrong. Serum with vitamin C should be, next to the cream with a filter, an obligatory element of summer care. During this period, the skin is particularly exposed to a lot of damage caused by UV radiation, which contributes to the degradation of collagen and the formation of discolorations.

The use of serum with vitamin C under the cream with a filter reduces the risk of erythema and sunburn and neutralizes free radicals. 

effect of the vitamin C serum

Which face serum with vitamin C to choose for problematic and acne skin?

Acne skin care is not the easiest thing to do. Is it worth including vitamin C serum in it? We cannot answer this question unequivocally, because it is worth considering several important aspects. Problematic skin requires special cleansing, moisturizing and anti-acne active substances. Additionally, external or internal dermatological treatments are common, which can irritate the skin and require soothing products.

All these factors should be taken into account and it is best to choose a serum with the appropriate form and concentration of vitamin C under the supervision of a specialist. Irritating and causing new acne lesions due to facial skin irritation.

Is it better to use vitamin C serum in morning or evening care?

The vitamin C serum can be used twice a day, both at night and during the day. However, it will perform its function best in daily care, together with a cream containing sun protection. This combination will provide maximum antioxidant protection and protection against UV radiation.

Can the vitamin C serum be used under the eyes?

Vitamin C is a very safe active ingredient and can also be used in the care of the eye area. However, it is important that it is a product dedicated to this area due to its greater sensitivity. You should also pay attention to the way the serum is applied so that the cosmetic does not get into the conjunctiva.

With which active ingredients can the vitamin C serum not be combined?

Often in skin care, we try to use as many active substances as possible, wanting to achieve the best results. It is worth knowing which combination is worth using and which may cause more harm than good. The antioxidant effect of vitamin C is supported by such substances as: Ferulic acid, vitamin E, ubiquinone, glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid. Their combination improves the efficiency, but also the stability of the products.

Vitamin C should not be combined on its own with retinol, AHA, BHA, niacin amide (applies only to the form of ascorbic acid) and heavy metals. The safest solution is to use ready-made serums containing, apart from vitamin C, other active ingredients, which have formulas selected in such a way that the activity of the ingredients works synergistically with each other.

At what age can vitamin C serum be used?

Best Vitamin C serum in Pakistan is such a universal cosmetic that it can be used by people of all ages. It is worth including such a product in the care after the age of 25, when the production of collagen and elastin in our skin begins to decline. Such a serum will ensure optimal anti-aging prophylaxis.

face serum with vitamin C

What form of vitamin C is best?

Technologists and cosmetics manufacturers are still looking for the best and stable form of vitamin C. Currently, in cosmetics we can distinguish:

Ascorbic acid

It is the best-known and popular form of natural vitamin C. It is highly effective, but it is characterized by low stability and limited penetration through the skin. To be effective, a serum with ascorbic acid must have a low pH, which can cause irritation and will not always work for sensitive skin.

Ascorbyl palmitate

It is the equivalent of ascorbic acid, which is converted into ascorbic acid and palmitic acid in the skin. The advantage of this form is high stability, while the disadvantage is low biological activity. The right form for people intolerant to ascorbic acid.

Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate

So far, the most stable form of vitamin C and at the same time well tolerated by the skin. It has an oily form and transforms into ascorbic acid in the skin. Recommended for sensitive, coupe rose and delicate skins.

Ascorbyl glucoside

It is a derivative obtained from vitamin C and starch, thanks to which it ensures long-term release in individual layers of the epidermis. It has a milder effect than ascorbic acid, but it can still cause irritation.

Ascorbyl phosphate magnesium salt

It is a water-soluble form, so it is characterized by lower penetration. It shows its antioxidant effect in concentrations above 10%. Also recommended for sensitive and oily skin that reacts badly to oil serums.

3-0-ethyl ascorbic acid

It is the latest derivative of ascorbic acid, which is the only one that has the ability to dissolve both in fats and water. It is characterized by high stability and low irritating potential. In addition, it reduces inflammation and the growth of bacteria, making it suitable for acne and sensitive skin.

Does the concentration and pH of the vitamin C serum matter?

As you can see from the previous answer, the concentration and pH of the serum are closely related to the form of vitamin C. When choosing the right serum for your skin, you should choose it appropriately in terms of your needs and skin type, so that it does not cause irritation. If you are still lost in the amount of information about vitamin C, it is worth using the advice of a cosmetologist.

Can a serum with vitamin C be used on sensitive and coupe rose skin?

Serum with vitamin C is a valuable product in the care of sensitive and coupe rose skin. As we mentioned earlier, for this type of skin it is definitely better to reach for vitamin C derivatives than pure ascorbic acid, which could cause irritation due to low ph.


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