Vitamin C, the secret to always be radiant

The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.

Vitamin C, the secret to always be radiant

Vitamin C Serum

A new star joins our Active Pure line: Vitamin C! If you think of this vitamin, don’t you think of sunny landscapes, orange juice and well-being? What if we told you that we can enclose all this radiant beauty in your skin? That’s why Vitamin C will become yours never again without!

We’re used to benefiting from its beneficial properties through citrus juices but what we need to know is that Vitamin C is also a super ally of our skin!

What is Vitamin C?

Ascorbic acid, better known as Vitamin C, is a true concentrate of well-being with multiple properties. However, it is a very unstable molecule, for this reason it has been stabilized in our pure active with the help of Vitamin E: in this way, in addition to having obtained stability, we can benefit from the synergistic action of the two vitamins and an enhanced effect. Vitamin C is also photosensitive, meaning it oxidizes and loses its effectiveness when exposed to sunlight. That’s why we have renewed all the bottles of our precious pure active ingredients which are now equipped with a special anti-UV protective filter. 

Be careful though! It’s not photosensitizing, so it can be used safely during the day and introduced without problems in our morning skin care as well as naturally in the evening.

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What are its properties?

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant capable of neutralizing the action of free radicals and counteracting the signs of aging by stimulating the production of collagen. Gives extreme luminosity to the skin, making it fresh and radiant. This prodigious active also has a uniforming effect: it lightens spots and compacts the texture. For all these reasons it is often used in the queen of beauty routines, timeless skincare, and it can’t be missing in yours either!

The antioxidant power!

Vitamin C boasts a high antioxidant power, this means that it is able to deal with the harmful action of free radicals and slow down skin aging. What are free radicals and how are they formed?

The free radical is a very unstable molecule due to the lack of an electron in its outermost orbital. To make up for this instability, it tries to steal an electron from other nearby molecules, thus creating a chain reaction, damaging more and more cells. However, an antioxidant molecule capable of transferring this electron and blocking the process can come to its aid.

What are free radicals caused by?

Free radicals are created naturally in our body but there are factors that can accelerate and make the situation worse:

  • Smog and pollution
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Sun exposure
  • Stress

Protecting our skin from the action of free radicals is very important for slowing down skin ageing, delaying the appearance of new wrinkles and reducing those that have already been created.

The combination of vitamin C and E, as in our pure active, exponentially enhances the antioxidant power of both. In fact, each molecule of vitamin E is able to interrupt only one oxidation cycle but thanks to the contribution of vitamin C it is able to become active again in the fight against free radicals!

The brightening power

Vitamin C is excellent for lightening skin spots such as sun spots.   In fact, this pure active ingredient is able to inhibit the overproduction of melanin which causes unsightly spots. It clears hyperpigmentation and reduces the risk of their appearance, making the skin bright and uniform! It is ideal for making both lighter and darker spots less noticeable as we can see in the image below which shows the effects of applying Vitamin C after 4, 8 and 12 weeks.

The anti-aging power

Vitamin C is a fundamental molecule for the synthesis of collagen, a protein which is the basis of the well-being not only of our skin but of all the connective tissues of our body. This active stimulates new synthesis and keeps it in activity with consequent attenuation of the signs of aging. Ultimately it has a 360-degree anti-aging action by acting on the so -called Chrono-aging given by age but also on the photo-aging caused by exposure to UV rays, thanks to its antioxidant power which we have just talked about.

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When to use it?

Vitamin C is ideal for radiance all year round and can also come to the rescue during the most difficult periods such as the change of season, when we find our face a little dull and tired, or before the summer months to prepare the skin to sun exposure.

How to include it in the beauty routine?

Our Vitamin C active can be applied pure on the face as a serum, after applying the tonic and before the cream or as a booster to enhance the illuminating effect of cream. In the Pakistan’s beauty routine, Best Vitamin C Serum is widely used and represents one of the secrets of excellence for achieving the coveted porcelain skin! 

What combinations to make?

To boost the illuminating/anti-aging effect: if we want to strengthen the anti-aging power of this active ingredient and have luminous, relaxed and fresh skin, we can combine Vitamin C with another formidable active ingredient: hyaluronic acid.


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