What is the new skincare trend and what is it for?

The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.

What is the new skincare trend and what is it for?

Vitamin C serum for skin

Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most powerful health and beauty allies for the skin: vitamin C!

Vitamin C applied to the skin is the most powerful antioxidant capable of counteracting skin aging.

If used regularly, it allows you to keep the skin smooth, luminous and compact, slowing down the appearance of the first signs of aging.

Vitamin C can be found in creams, serums and facials. In this detailed guide, we explain all the benefits of Best vitamin C Serum, its functions, which skin types should use it and how.


Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a molecule with a strong antioxidant power that helps counteract the action of free radicals. The latter are highly unstable and harmful metabolic residues that cause cellular aging, but prove weak in the face of the action of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is important for the proper functioning of the immune system and for the synthesis of collagen in the body. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our health. Water soluble, it must be constantly reintegrated through food, through supplements or with the topical use of products. The latter is the practice that ensures the right amount of it on the skin, since the intestinal metabolism alone is not sufficient to guarantee it.

best vitamin c serum

Vitamin C has many benefits on the body:

•             It is antioxidant;

•             strengthens the immune system;

•             prevents the absorption of potentially carcinogenic substances, especially in the intestine.

What benefits does vitamin C Serum bring to the skin?

•             It is illuminating, against dull complexion;

•             vitamin c has anti-spot properties, for dark spots on mature and non-mature skin;

•             It is an effective anti-inflammatory;

•             prevents the formation of scars;

•             increases the production of collagen, which decreases with increasing age;

•             assists the action of sunscreens.

Vitamin C in all its forms is considered a powerful anti-aging ally, which can help us on our path to flawless and youthful looking skin for longer. The combination of ascorbic acid + hyaluronic acid serum is considered an effective anti-aging mix in the cosmetic field. The relationship between vitamin C and the sun has been the focus of studies and debates. It has recently been proven that the two can coexist peacefully. Indeed, the former helps keep the damage from the UV rays produced by the latter at bay, allowing us to be exposed to the sun in safety, in combination with sunscreens.


What are the benefits of vitamin C Serum for facial skin and which skin types is it recommended for? The excellent news is that ascorbic acid has a high tolerability, especially if used in the right way and in the correct doses. There are many forms and different concentrations of vitamin C suitable for cosmetic use, different in effectiveness and stability!

The concentration range to look for in products usually varies from 10% to 20%. But just as there are good products in lower concentrations, there are particularly stable and well-tolerated forms that reach 25-30% even on sensitive skin. Some examples are pure encapsulated vitamin C, stable because it is shielded from external oxidation, or combinations of two vitamins (C and A or C and E). Or the derivatives of ascorbic acid, such as ascorbyl glucosamine, Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.

Many can penetrate deeply into the skin and reach the innermost layer, especially in the presence of acidic environments (for example in combination with ingredients with a pH lower than or equal to 3.5). And that’s where they “work wonders”, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, the indispensable allies of firm, uniform and young-looking skin. Let’s find out how to use vitamin C in your skincare routine based on your skin type, with our recommendations for vitamin C products for skin!


Oily skin needs purifying products that help control sebaceous production. Using products based on ascorbic acid formulated without oils and with light textures can be a solution to regain your epidermal balance. Best vitamin c serum brings the benefits of vitamin C to the skin without increasing the greasy effect on the skin. Quickly absorbed, it is effective within a few weeks.


Vitamin C on acne prone skin gives amazing results. Acne-prone skins are acidic environments, in which ascorbic acid best expresses its anti-stain and healing potential. In the first case it inhibits the production of melanin, counteracting the onset of acne spots. In the second, by increasing the production of collagen, it prevents the formation of scar tissue that makes the skin uneven. As an anti-inflammatory it helps treat irritations, even acne ones.


Why give up this amazing vitamin if you have sensitive skin? Just know how to use it! Products formulated with an oil base, with an emollient power, help rebuild the skin barrier. Often stressed or damaged in those with sensitive skin. Another problem affecting sensitive skin is trans epidermal water loss, a decrease in hydration that leads to dry, rough, flaky skin and irritation.


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