The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.


Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum

Hydration is the most important critical issue in the summer as the increase in temperature and the lengthening of the hours of light make it more difficult to maintain a correct body temperature due precisely to the risk of an excessive loss of mineral salts (sodium , potassium, magnesium and zinc) and vitamins (vitamin C and B vitamins). This also undermines the health – and beauty – of our skin.
A first precaution may be to increase the consumption of fresh liquids (water, fruit and vegetable juices and centrifuges, tea, herbal teas). In addition to minerals and vitamins, there are other substances that can promote the well-being of the skin, including lycopene, the main antioxidant present in nature in tomatoes, and beta-carotene present in all orange-colored vegetables and fruits (carrots, peaches, , apricots, melon) and which, being a precursor of vitamin A, plays a fundamental role in protecting the skin.
But beyond food, cosmetics come against us, increasingly specific and attentive to seasonal needs.
In the daily cosmetic routine – even during the summer – the use of serum with a light texture must never be missing to counteract skin dryness caused by salt air and exposure to sunlight. And to have more hydrated, uniform and luminous skin, two of the most important and common active ingredients to use during the summer are certainly Hyaluronic Acid and Best Vitamin C Serum in Pakistan.


Hyaluronic Acid is a substance produced naturally by the human body and is also one of the most important components of connective tissues. It gives the skin its particular properties of resistance and shape retention. It is particularly known, depending on its molecular weight (high, low and micro), for its moisturizing, plumping, smoothing, anti-wrinkle, tissue healing and soothing properties of irritation and redness.
In gel or serum it is generally a highly concentrated product that is applied to clean skin, before the cream. It can be used morning and evening, all over the face, neck, eye contour and also on the decollete.


Pure Vitamin C counteracts skin fatigue by deeply revitalizing and recharging the skin. Being a photosensitive substance, it is necessary to combine a 30+ or 50+ sunscreen in order not to lose its effectiveness.
Thanks to its anti-oxidant action it eliminates toxins that make the complexion dull, protects against free radicals, prevents hyperpigmentation, improves the appearance of fine wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen, essential for the skin, playing the role of powerful wrinkle.
Experts recommend choosing products with up to 20% vitamin C Serum concentration and applying them at night before going to bed. It can also be applied in the morning to protect the skin during the day, but in this case the concentration must not exceed 15%.

Because it is used in the cosmetic field

Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, a fundamental component of our skin. In fact, its intake improves its appearance and health. It is a protein which therefore prevents skin aging and strengthens nails and hair.

The photo protective properties

Vitamin C also boasts photo protective properties, although it is not a full-fledged sunscreen. When the skin is exposed to the sun, much of the ascorbic acid in the skin is destroyed. This component is essential to protect the skin from oxidation caused by the sun’s rays. Oxidation increases free radicals, which cause damage to elastin, cell membranes and nuclear substances. The antioxidant power of Best Vitamin C Serum helps counteract this phenomenon.

Is Vitamin C photosensitizing?

The question that calls into question the use of Vitamin C-based products in summer is whether this is photosensitizing. Yes, it is photosensitizing and this means that the skin is more susceptible to sun exposure but only if it is not contained within a product in a protected form.

Timeless Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum

Timeless Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum has the component in a protected form and it is therefore possible to use it in the summer. However, immediate sun exposure after application is not recommended. Hyaluronic acids also help against the negative effects of the sun’s rays by preventing wrinkles and dehydration, helping to counteract skin aging. Obviously, everything must always be accompanied by an effective sunscreen, not only on vacation.
In fact, a good sunscreen is essential for exposure to the sun even during the daily routine to protect the skin, regardless of the use of Best Vitamin C Serum in Pakistan, in every season.


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