Active ingredients: how vitamin C acts on the face skin in summer

The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.

Active ingredients: how vitamin C acts on the face skin in summer

vitamin C acts on the face skin in summer

The benefits of vitamin C for face skin in summer in the context of a healthy diet are well known. Ascorbic acid, contained in many fruits and vegetables and in excellent doses in citrus fruits, is an ally of the immune system and a valid antioxidant, which acts against the free radicals responsible for cellular ageing.

Perhaps the potential of this vitamin in cosmetics is less well known and the flourishing of new products containing it can give rise to the spontaneous question:  what is vitamin C for the face?

Vitamin C for face: what is it for?

Since the body cannot produce it, it is essential to get adequate doses of vitamin C through the diet. Vitamin C taken at the table, although very useful for general health. May not be sufficient for a targeted action on the skin of the face.

The most innovative cosmetic formulations, in addition to being able to increase the stability of the vitamin and to limit oxidation within the finished product as much as possible, are able to enhance its beneficial effects on the epidermis. Vitamin C can thus act against toxins and the signs of aging, promoting the production of collagen and elastin, which tends to decrease naturally with age.

The effects of vitamin C on the face, often strengthened by the synergistic action of other specially combined ingredients, are visible from the first applications, and then become evident with constant use. The complexion is more toned and smoother in a few weeks. The lightening action of the active ingredient also helps to minimize discoloration.

Vitamin C is also a precious ally for those who struggle with pimples and redness: thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, it reduces swelling, soothes reddened areas and scars caused by acne, promoting healing and the creation of new epidermal cells.

Vitamin C: not just an anti-aging

If it is true that vitamin C is a fundamental ingredient of anti-aging products, it is equally true that not only should it be taken in any case already from the 20-30s to anticipate the signs of aging, but that it is also recommended if one is going through a period of high stress or if you have been exposed to the sun without the necessary protection: in the latter case, in particular, vitamin C-based face products help restore the tone, elasticity and color of the skin. Epidermis, also promoting cell renewal.

How to use vitamin C on the face?

Apply the face and neck vitamin C drops products after cleansing with movements from the center outwards. But among the vitamin C cosmetics for the face we also find creams, masks and serums for shock treatments.

Also suitable for sensitive skin, oil-free and fragrance-free, Timeless vitamin c act in a concentrated formula against oxidation, for healthier, more oxygenated and luminous skin. The alpha-arbutin added to the formulation helps to revive the complexion and reduce dullness and signs of tiredness. All in a hydrating and light solution. And to complete the skincare in the same line you can buy Timeless vitamin C with Ferulic acid Serum, ideal for softening and hydrating the skin, morning and evening. Ferulic acid amplifies the antioxidant effect of vitamin C, fighting free radicals and damage from pollution and the sun.

Timeless products can be used as a base, before sunscreen, when using vitamin C on the face in summer.

How to use Vitamin C on the face in summer

During the summer months it is advisable to change our skincare habits. In fact, between the heat, pollution, sultriness and sweat, our skin is much stressed and needs more care. Against the summer heat it is good to choose light and delicate photo protective products such as serum and vitamin C-based moisturizer.

Thanks to its photo protective properties, Vitamin C ensures that the skin of the face always remains protected, even in summer.

Among the main functions of vitamin C for the face there is certainly the increase in the production of elastin and collagen, contributing to a significant reduction in fine lines, but also and above all the regulation of melanin, which causes the classic sun spots. Using a Best vitamin C Serum, in fact, contributes to the improvement of dark spots that many of us have on our faces, especially in the summer, due to prolonged exposure to the sun. In summer therefore, green light to vitamin C on the face: masks, creams, serums, essences containing this vitamin are safe and create great benefits for the skin, even the most sensitive one. For example, after a month of constant treatment, both in the morning and in the evening, with a Vitamin C Serum, the sun spots on the face will be visibly reduced and the skin will look healthier.

face skin in summer

Surely the evening application of vitamin C on the face is more effective. It takes several hours to act and to release the vitamin C inside it, but the morning application is also beneficial. Provided that before exposing yourself to the sun, there forget to apply sunscreen.

To take advantage of all the benefits of vitamin C in the summer. The Timeless brand offers the exclusive Best Vitamin C Serum in Pakistan for face skin in summer. A real daily pampering that brightens the skin and performs an anti-aging and photo protective action.


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