Vitamin C Serum: Benefits and Beauty uses

The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.

Vitamin C Serum: Benefits and Beauty uses

The Benefits of a Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin C is known for its many benefits for the body. It is a water-soluble vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid. Like many vitamins, it is a natural antioxidant. In addition, it contributes to keep the gums, the teeth, the skin, and the organism in good health.

This vitamin stimulates the production of collagen, an essential protein for healthy bones, joints and skin. Also, it facilitates the absorption of iron and calcium.

It is a so-called water-soluble vitamin (soluble in water), so it is eliminated in the urine, the body cannot store it. It is thus recommended to have a daily intake of vitamin C, in particular by consuming foods containing this vitamin (citrus fruits, certain other fruits and vegetables).

It also helps reduce fatigue. Vitamin C deficiency can cause fatigue.

Finally, vitamin C brings tone to the skin, it strengthens your body’s natural immunity and helps cell protection, and therefore the healing of the epidermis.


Vitamin C is used in cosmetic products as an active ingredient. It is indeed an active ingredient that can revive the complexion and tone the skin. Adopting a routine with a best vitamin C serum has several benefits. Antioxidant-rich vitamin C boosts your body’s natural defenses against free radicals. It acts in particular in synergy with vitamin E, beta-carotene, and iron and helps prevent cell aging of the skin. It is known to bring elasticity to the skin, and helps to repair it.

It is also documented for its virtues which make it possible to correct dehydration, wrinkles, irritations, pigment spots, etc. A true “good for everything”, it brings health to all skin types.

Thus, applying a vitamin C serum to the face helps to tone your skin, for a pretty glow and a radiant complexion.

Introducing a vitamin C face serum to your routine is effective for the skin and recommended for skin exposed to pollution, lack of sleep, mature skin, lack of freshness and pale complexions. Such a serum is also very effective in summer when you expose your skin to the sun, and vitamin c serum in pakistan helps prevent sunburn. But be careful, we then apply the vitamin product under the sun care.


The main source of vitamin C is in the diet. Indeed, it is found in fresh fruits and vegetables such as:

Fruits: orange, blackcurrant, red pepper, strawberries, lemon (citrus fruits in general), kiwi…

Vegetables: broccoli, cabbage -flower, Brussels sprouts, spinach… but also herbs (parsley, thyme, chives…).

Vitamin C plays an important role in the proper functioning of the body, it stimulates the immune defenses. Since this vitamin is water-soluble, it is important to consume it daily so as not to have a deficiency.

This is why vitamin C is found as a dietary supplement. This must be accompanied by a balanced diet. Consuming vitamin C orally is important and recommended for the balance of the body and its functioning, but it is also possible to apply it directly to the body, for an effect on the skin. For this, there is unfortunately no virgin vegetable oil that contains vitamin C.

Which Vitamin C Serum to Choose?


During our evolution, our body has lost its ability to absorb Vitamin C, so it is advisable, in addition to consuming it in food, to use care products enriched with this vitamin to maintain healthy skin. And glowing.

This is why adopting a face routine with a best Vitamin C Serum is more than recommended. Toning your complexion naturally is one of the benefits of vitamin C. When choosing your Vitamin C face serum, make sure that the vitamin is natural and not synthetic. We recommend a dosage of 20% Vitamin C for optimal results, which we recommend combining with other powerful active ingredients such as Vitamin E or Ferulic acid.

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How to Apply Your Vitamin C Serum?


1.            Apply Vitamin C Face Serum to clean, dry skin.

2.            It is always applied before the cream as a complement to a day cream, in order to boost its benefits.

3.            Make circular gestures on your face and neck to penetrate deeply.

4.            Then apply your day cream. You will immediately notice the moisturizing and nourishing effect of the vitamin C face serum and cream, which will leave your skin looking smooth and toned.


It is possible to apply your vitamin C face serum morning and evening , on clean, dry skin, before applying a moisturizer or alone, as a night care.

Vitamin C, because of its benefits, is recommended for all skin types. Recognized for its healing properties, it brings elasticity and protection to the skin.

It is recommended for mature skin, and prone to pollution, lack of sleep, tobacco and sun.

In timeless Cosmetics, we of course advise you to consume vitamin C in its most natural form, which is found in certain foods, and if necessary, take it in the form of food supplements. Adopt the vitamin C-based face serum that suits you, to be applied directly to your skin, for a radiant complexion thanks to healthy, natural, and therefore quality products.


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