How to take care of your skin in summer?

The Role Of Vitamin C Serums In Skin Care.

How to take care of your skin in summer?

Summer skin care

When talking about summer skin care, we usually mean avoiding acid peels and sun protection. To be precise, there are many more nuances. In this article, we will tell you how to choose summer care products and whether something needs to be changed.

When should you switch to summer care?

If your face isn’t showing signs of distress, there’s generally no need to do anything, experts say.

But if the skin has changed and become more oily, you have noticed an increase in sensitivity or inflammation has appeared – at least three reasons are already enough to reconsider your cosmetic bag.

Humidity and polluted air in big cities, active sun – all this affects the increased secretion of sebum, the following six steps will help you return to radiant and healthy skin and enjoy summer without consequences.

1. Change your skin cleansing

In summer, the skin becomes oilier, the usual creamy milk no longer copes with cleansing, especially in the evening, when a layer of daytime soot and dirt forms on the face. If you don’t believe me, look at the window sill from the side of the street, very clearly. Aggressive cleansing with soaps and gels is not an option, they squeaky clean and cause the skin to produce even more sebum.

Choose foam based on soft vegetable surfactants with a foaming nose, it removes excess sebum and deeply cleanses pores without damaging its own protective barrier.

2. Keep Heavy Creams Away

Leave thick and rich textures of moisturizers for cold days when the skin really needs heavy artillery. In the warm season, light moisturizing emulsions that do not interfere with skin breathing are the best choice.

For normal and oily types, gels with a large amount of polysaccharides and hyaluronic acid are suitable. And if the humidity is high, you will be fine with one light Vitamin c serum with antioxidants.

3. Add Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps fight ultraviolet radiation, which is not blocked even by the best sunscreen at 100%. A small portion of the rays still penetrate the skin and cause a lot of damage.

Start every morning with a Best vitamin c serum enriched with antioxidants. It will revive a dull complexion and effectively protect against UV and the environment.

4. Protect yourself from polluted air

There are more and more cosmetic products offering protection from the polluted air of big cities. This is indeed a problem, especially in the summer. The smallest particles of dirt, dust and exhaust gases are so small that they can penetrate the skin, causing inflammation and increased sensitivity.

Natural cosmetics are able to protect the skin from pollution by creating a barrier between the face and harmful toxins.

Antioxidants are still effective, especially vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and green tea.

5. Think about pigmentation

If the skin is prone to pigmentation, we advise you to turn to brightening agents.

Choose Best vitamin c serum during the day, more concentrated formulas with a complex of active ingredients in the evening. And give up aggressive products and procedures – irritating formulas combined with the sun most often lead to pigmentation. After all, moisturizing and protecting the skin is the best recipe for the summer season.

The effect of vitamin C directly on the face

Applying vitamin C on the face helps it to be absorbed into the upper layers of the skin, allowing vitamin C to immediately penetrate into it, leaving the skin soft and smooth, minimizing wrinkles and blackheads, and protecting against external damaging factors.

Vitamin c Serums are more concentrated than creams and are more easily absorbed into the skin, so most cosmetologists recommend using vitamin C serum as the most effective way to saturate the skin with vitamin C.

More or less Vitamin C? How much to choose to get the desired effect. Many studies show that vitamin C is best for facial skin when used in direct application serum form. Even serums containing a low percentage (less than 1%) of vitamin C will still provide good amounts of antioxidants for the skin.

In conclusion, I would like to say

Vitamin C is one of the most researched when it comes to facial skin care products. When you are young, levels of the antioxidant nutrient in your skin are elevated, but they become less and less with age. Skin care products that contain vitamin C, Timeless Best vitamin c serum in Pakistan can be a great addition to keep your skin looking healthy, radiant, and more even.


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